The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair in St John’s County, FL

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Paintless dent repair is a process where the damaged panel of a vehicle is manipulated back to its original shape with no paintwork or fillers. Most people in Florida use it to repair minor scratches, windshield chips, hail damages, and touch up paint. Appearance 1st Automotive has rounded a list of the advantages that come with the process. 


It Involves Minimum Amount of Work

Out of all forms of body repairs available, paintless dent repair involves the least amount of labor. A technician will only need to use specialized tools to push the dents from the interior of the car’s body. The minimum work equates to minimum hassle in repairing your vehicle. 

Vehicle’s Value Retention

Unlike the traditional repairs that use body fillers and repainting of the damaged areas, PDR is non-invasive. A skilled technician will use specialized tools and procedures to correct the defects on your vehicle. This means that there will be no alteration on your vehicle, thus retaining its original value. 

Cost-Effective Repairs

Paintless dent repair will take less time than the conventional repairs. This way, the labor costs are significantly lower. When factoring in the savings on coats of expensive auto paint, body fillers, and primer, it’s easier to see how choosing this process will save your money. 

The Process Is Environmental- Friendly

Appearance 1st Automotive recommends paintless dent removal in St. John’s County because it has no negative impacts on the environment. After all, there’s no auto paint or body fillers required in the process. This means no air or water pollution through the release of toxic chemicals. 

PDR Offers A Permanent Repair Solution

Most people mistakenly think that over time, a dent repaired through this process will pop back. Well, this isn’t the case. Paintless dent repair is a permanent solution for dents and dings. Once the damaged panels are repaired, they retain the same strength they had before the dents occurred. Also, remember that Appearance 1st Automotive offers a lifelong guarantee on all dent repairs. 

Adds Value to Your Vehicle

The artistic and resale values of your vehicle will increase when choosing PDR to remove the car dents and dings. A well-skilled technician will ensure you get back to having a sleek-looking ride. This means that when it comes to selling it, potential buyers won’t be put off by the dents. 

Insurance Covers Paintless Dent Repair

The good news is that all insurance companies are aware of the procedure. This will give you a reason to consider the process over other conventional methods. Insurance agencies are ready to cover all the costs due to the procedure’s affordability. 

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