Fixing Garage Door Dents On a Car with PDR

If your kid hits your car while opening or closing the garage door, the significant dent can be rather unsightly. However, you don’t have to live with a cratered car dent. 

A1A’s certified technicians offer paintless dent repair for their clients in Florida. They also give their clients free estimates of their damage and calculate their repairing cost. 

Assess Your Damage

A damage assessment is needed before you do anything else. You need to see if the dent on your car is small and check if the paint is intact. If you backed your car into the door with speed, the damage could be severe. 

Minor damages are inexpensive and easy to repair. But if the damage is severe, you may need a professional fix for your car. 

How PDR Can Fix Your Car’s Garage Door Dents

If your car has dents and dings and needs a professional dent repair, A1A’s certified technicians will do their job. 

There are a variety of methods PDR offers to repair the damage on your car.

  • Hammering Out the Dent

Aluminum is malleable and used to make cars. We can remove small indentations by tapping the sections back into place. First, PDR’s certified technicians locate the dent and wash the dented surface with water. They then use a mallet to tap the sections until they sit with the surroundings. 

  • Using Glue Pulling Methods

PDR fixes dents in your car’s body using  glue pulling method. This technique is the best for your car, helping pull dents and dings outward. The glue pulling method is usually used for small-scale jobs as they take less time to repair.

  • Using Heat to Repair Dents

Rapid heating can repair your car’s body. A heat source can reshape the damaged part of your car quickly.

Why Use A1A Services?

A1A services offer a free estimate for your car repair. They replace your damaged car’s body using the best techniques and tools, preserving your car’s factory paint. They fix your car’s dent back to its original shape. 

A1A services always ensure the safety of their customers. Our certified professionals perform dent repair and ensure the best results.

Mobile PDR Repair

For a professional dent fix, A1A’s technicians are just a call away. A1A quickly sends a repair professional to your home to fix and repair your car’s dent and dings caused by your garage door. They also check for any internal component damages. 

Call 904-664-9088, and A1A services will send a professional to your home to fix and access the damages.

5 Reasons You Need to Repair Hail Damage Quickly

Car Hail Damage

For most car owners in Florida, fixing the damage caused by hail on their car is a lot more stressful than hail itself. Once their car has been damaged, they start to mentally prepare themselves for the lengthy visit of an auto body shop. 

But is that truly the case? 

Regardless of the dents, dings or other damages your car has sustained, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can fix your car in no time, which is why you need to prioritize hail damage repair. 

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons you should.

Hail Damage Can Attract Cracks And Rust

The small dents and dings that are caused by hail can attract cracks and rust if you don’t give them the attention they deserve. If your car goes through its second hail storm, the damages will be even more devastating. 

Most of the damage your car sustains during a hail storm will be repaired by PDR. But before a certified technician starts to apply PDR on your car, they need to ensure that the original paint of your car has not been disturbed. 

PDR Is Cost-Effective

Compared to a traditional auto body shop repair, PDR can cost you less because it uses lesser materials, takes less time, and requires lesser labor. As a result, this saves you money and time because we know how long auto body shop repairs can take. Car owners who aren’t aware of the wonders of PDR often get worried when their vehicles get dented by hail damage. 

They start thinking of alternate transportation options for their daily commute because they expect the repairs to take days!

Paint Damage and Clean Coat

You may find it unbelievable, but leaving hail damage on your car for a long time can cause damage to your car’s paint which can spread all over your vehicle. Even small dings on your car can cause the paint to chip or crack. 

Because of this, not only will the paint start to come off but the dents will spread all over your car’s body. 

PDR Preserves Your Car’s Life

The last thing every car enthusiast wants on their car is a replaced body panel or fresh paint over the car’s factory paint. Not only is this repair expensive, but it can also take a lot of time. No one wants fresh paint or new body panels is because they reduce your car’s value. Even the best coat paints and layers won’t be identical to your car’s original body paint and, with the passage of time, these different shades will begin to fade. A potential buyer who is interested in your car will use these flaws to bargain on the price after your car is repaired.

A1A Is An Expert Of Hail Damage Repair!

Appearance 1st Automotive is the one-stop-shop for every damage related to hail. Because of our competitive pricing and our promise to deliver quality with every repair, our certified technicians can get rid of your problems with ease! To contact us, call us today on 904 664 9088, or click here to fill out a form and we’ll send you a quick quote!

Got a Car Window Chip? A1A can Help!

A chipped window can happen when a small rock or small object hits the window of your car, or passes by while nicking it. This causes damage on your car’s window which can give it an ugly look almost instantly. 

This can often happen when the tires of the car right next to you are throwing debris in the air, which can come and hit your car. While a chip can happen to a small portion of your car’s window, it is instantly noticeable because of their appearance and the sound. 

Here’s why you should get a chipped window repaired immediately. 

A Window Chip Repair Can Save You Money In the Future

A quick visit to a certified technician who can repair the chipped window on your car can save you from splurging money in the future due to other damages caused by the cracked window. You don’t have to worry about the cost of the process because some people can even get this repair done for free. If you can’t, you’ll be happy to know that Appearance 1st Automotive has no hidden charges.

The Repair Is Affordable And Fast

Repairing a chipped window is affordable when you hire a professional like Appearance 1st Automotive for the repair. The reason we won’t charge you boatloads of cash for this small repair is because the certified repair specialists working for us have the appropriate tools and ample experience to get the job done the right way. Since they’re experienced, they’ll take about 10 to 15 minutes to repair the crack on your glass window. 

  • Seeing the Road Clearly

While people often give preference to the glass of their car’s windshield, it is equally important to consider how essential it is to have clear vision out of your car’s window at the same time. When you’re driving your car, you need to look out of your car’s window to constantly check your side mirrors. If you can’t see the side mirrors, you may be avoiding a dangerous blind spot, which may cause a car accident. 

  • Preventing Your Roof from Collapsing

Your car windows do more than you think. They save you from the flying debris while also maintaining the structural integrity of your whole car. Fixing a chip on the window strengthens your car and restores the frame’s sturdiness. If you lose your car’s window, your car’s roof will become weak, too. 

  • Saving Time

More importantly, you’re going to save valuable time by getting a chipped window repair on your car rather than getting the whole window replaced. When you ignore this damage and let it get worse, you risk getting a whole window replacement which can take a lot of time. 

Contact Us

These are just some of the reason you should get a chipped window repair on your car. If your car’s window has chipped, you’ll be glad to know that Appearance 1st Automotive is completely trained in all kinds of vehicle repairs, be it a paintless dent repair, or a chipped windshield. Call us today on 904 664 9088 to schedule an appointment!

PDR 101 – What You Need to Know with Appearance 1st Automotive

Have you heard of Paintless Dent Repair or PDR?

If not, then you are at the right place to learn and you will be surprised by the benefits and results of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) compared to a traditional dent repair. But first, let’s discuss what Paintless Dent Repair is and how you can determine if the dents, dings or creases on your car qualify it for a PDR.

Determining if your dents and dings qualify for a PDR is important because, as you will soon learn, PDR is your best option to repair any dents, dings, creases or hail damage on your car’s body.

Let’s dive right in and discuss the basics of PDR.

PDR 101 – What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

PDR is the latest and most innovative dent repair method that involves various PDR techniques to repair dents, dings and hail damage. Only a certified PDR technician fully understands these techniques and is qualified enough to professionally practice on commercial cars.

If you are in or around Jacksonville, Florida, Appearance 1st Automotive (A1A) is the best place to find well experienced and certified PDR technicians.

PDR 101 – How to Determine If PDR Is an Option for Your Dents & Dings

Here is how you can determine whether the dents, dings, creases or hail damage on your car can be repaired using PDR.

  • Inspect the dents for paint damage. If there is no paint damage, even in dent clusters of hail damage, PDR is the best option for your dent repair
  • If there is slight paint damage, PDR may still be the best option because it is capable of correcting minor paint damage
  • Lastly, consult an A1A certified PDR technician to best guide you on your options. You can even get a quick quote through call or text
PDR 101 – Benefits of Professional PDR

A professional PDR is better than traditional dent repair in every aspect. It provides superior results and great benefits, especially if you opt for the certified PDR technicians at Appearance 1st Automotive in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here’s why.


You do not have to spend days waiting for your car with PDR. Unlike traditional dent repair, which involves disassembly, fillers, repainting and drying, PDR has no such processes. You can get your dents, dings and hail damage repaired in just a few hours on the same day you bring your car to A1A.


Since there are no fillers or paint involved, you save money on these material costs and only pay for the skills of an A1A certified PDR technician. This makes PDR much more inexpensive than traditional dent repair.


You do not need to file insurance paperwork because PDR is so inexpensive that you can pay out of pocket. Your insurer will never be able to tell the difference once Appearance 1st Automotive is done repairing your car using PDR.

Resale Value

PDR immensely saves the resale value of your car because, unlike traditional dent repair, PDR does not tamper with, scrape or repaint the dented body parts of your car.

Why Use Appearance 1st Automotive?

A1A only has the most skilled certified PDR technicians that are well experienced at repairing dents, dings, creases and hail damage on classic, rare, exotic and common cars alike. You will not see better results in or around Jacksonville, Florida, than from the experienced professionals at Appearance 1st Automotive.

For more information on PDR, its benefits, Appearance 1st Automotive or to get a quick quote, please visit our website today.

Paintless Dent Repair for your Leased Car

dent repair on leased cars

As much as we would want to protect the body of our car from wear and tear, dents and dings are sometimes unavoidable. Damage to the car’s body can happen unexpectedly, and the hassle is something that we all do not want to deal with, especially if it is on a leased car. 

An autobody shop repair can take days at times to complete repairs and the mere thought of getting one can be stressful. Not only are you investing a lot of money to have the damage repaired, it can also take days before you get your leased car back. 

How Does Traditional Repair Work?

The traditional repair at an autobody shop can include drilling holes around the dent and then filling the dent with body fillers. Sometimes, it can also include repainting over the dent/ding. When any vehicle is shipped from the factory, it has a protective coating over the paint that can stop it from getting damaged on the road. This damage can be sustained from a hailstorm, from a shopping cart, or a golf ball. 

When you choose to have your car fixed at an autobody, your car can lose that protective coating. While returning your leased car to the dealership with dents/dings, sometimes it will cost you more money as they tend to opt for an autobody shop repair. Therefore, it will save you more money if you end up getting it fixed through the paintless dent repair method instead.

Getting Dents Fixed Before Returning It

When you’re at the end of your leased car agreement and getting ready to have it returned to the dealership, it’s important to consider how they’re going to evaluate your car completely. A complete evaluation means that they’ll catch every fault, and a dent can cost you extra on your return. However, getting your car repaired before it is returned can help you save money!

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

A paintless dent repair is a modern way of repairing a dent. Unlike an autobody shop repair that takes away the protective coating from the top of your car, a PDR does not. When you opt for a PDR, a technician first inspects your car under a UV bulb. This is done so they can understand which part of your car needs a repair. 

Once they’ve examined the body of your car, they remove the dent by massaging it slightly from the back until the dent is removed. Because the tool the dent repair specialist uses never comes in contact with the dent, the protective coating on your car is never compromised. Additionally, since the PDR process is shorter and a lot simpler than an autobody shop repair, most technicians can get done with the repair in a day. 

If your car has sustained damage in Jacksonville, Florida that is repairable by PDR don’t hesitate to call us for a repair. Our expert certified technicians at Appearance 1st Automotive can repair your car the same day damage is done to your car! 

Getting dents fixed as soon as possible, especially before your leased car return date, is important to keep the value of the car.

The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair in St John’s County, FL

car with dent

Paintless dent repair is a process where the damaged panel of a vehicle is manipulated back to its original shape with no paintwork or fillers. Most people in Florida use it to repair minor scratches, windshield chips, hail damages, and touch up paint. Appearance 1st Automotive has rounded a list of the advantages that come with the process. 


It Involves Minimum Amount of Work

Out of all forms of body repairs available, paintless dent repair involves the least amount of labor. A technician will only need to use specialized tools to push the dents from the interior of the car’s body. The minimum work equates to minimum hassle in repairing your vehicle. 

Vehicle’s Value Retention

Unlike the traditional repairs that use body fillers and repainting of the damaged areas, PDR is non-invasive. A skilled technician will use specialized tools and procedures to correct the defects on your vehicle. This means that there will be no alteration on your vehicle, thus retaining its original value. 

Cost-Effective Repairs

Paintless dent repair will take less time than the conventional repairs. This way, the labor costs are significantly lower. When factoring in the savings on coats of expensive auto paint, body fillers, and primer, it’s easier to see how choosing this process will save your money. 

The Process Is Environmental- Friendly

Appearance 1st Automotive recommends paintless dent removal in St. John’s County because it has no negative impacts on the environment. After all, there’s no auto paint or body fillers required in the process. This means no air or water pollution through the release of toxic chemicals. 

PDR Offers A Permanent Repair Solution

Most people mistakenly think that over time, a dent repaired through this process will pop back. Well, this isn’t the case. Paintless dent repair is a permanent solution for dents and dings. Once the damaged panels are repaired, they retain the same strength they had before the dents occurred. Also, remember that Appearance 1st Automotive offers a lifelong guarantee on all dent repairs. 

Adds Value to Your Vehicle

The artistic and resale values of your vehicle will increase when choosing PDR to remove the car dents and dings. A well-skilled technician will ensure you get back to having a sleek-looking ride. This means that when it comes to selling it, potential buyers won’t be put off by the dents. 

Insurance Covers Paintless Dent Repair

The good news is that all insurance companies are aware of the procedure. This will give you a reason to consider the process over other conventional methods. Insurance agencies are ready to cover all the costs due to the procedure’s affordability. 

If you’re hunting for the best repair company in St. Augustine, Palm Valley, or Ponte Vedra Beach, at the most affordable price, look at Appearance 1st Automotive. We have serviced tons of happy customers, and we’ll fix your dents or dings in no time at all. The best part is we’ll come right to you, and you’ll understand why we have a five-star customer satisfaction rating. 

Give us a call for a free quote today!