RestorFX Jacksonville, Florida

Unlike traditional products, this Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) technology does more than cover up scratches. Through a polymimetic surface regeneration process, RestorFX permanently removes 99% of scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and more by mimicking, replicating and restoring the original paint finish.

Does RestorFX protect a vehicle?

RestorFX by nature is a restoration service. When the word “protection” is used, what often comes to mind is some sort of topical or sacrificial layer applied on top of a vehicle paint to help protect and armor it—whether it be a wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating. In this case then, no! RestorFX is not at all a protection product.

To better answer this question though, the layers that make up a paint finish on vehicles these days will need to be understood first. It all starts with metal, and primer gets sprayed over the metal and is technically used to both prepare the metal for paint AND protect the metal. Then paint gets sprayed over primer to add color, and then clear coat gets sprayed over the paint to protect the paint. All aspects of a paint finish are protecting the layer underneath itself.

RestorFX adds at least 9 microns of vital surface material to restore and technically PROTECT the paint finish below, restoring and upgrading a vehicle’s finish to a new, harder and more UV-resistant surface. Although still using the original paint finish as its final substrate, RestorFX does in fact add more depth, and RestorFX becomes a protective layer and armor over the vehicle’s paint together with the rest of the paint finish. So YES, in this case, RestorFX also protects.

How long does RestorFX last?

RestorFX’s fluxcoat technology is a permanent restoration treatment. Once RestorFX cures it will bond and become one with the original paint finish; and any existing damage that was repaired during the treatment process is permanently repaired, guaranteed.

RestorFX, once cured, will be extremely durable and oftentimes more durable and resistant then even the best manufacturer paint finishes. However, just like all new paint finishes, RestorFX is also subject to new wear and tear as it gets used over time.

RestorFX gives vehicles new life, like pushing the reset button on your paint finish and bringing it back to new again.

After each delivery, an aftercare sheet is provided to lay out the best practices for maintaining a pristine finish for as long as possible. Following these recommendations will ultimately be the best way to get the most longevity out of a brand new RestorFX treatment.

RestorFX Jacksonville, Florida
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