RestorFX for Sprinter Vans

One of the biggest cosmetic issues with Sprinter vans is that the paint dulls and oxidizes quickly. So does the unpainted plastic trim and bumpers. Polishing and dressings can temporarily fix this but we’ve found a better solution: RestorFX

RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Restoration will not only reset your vans finish to like new, it will seal it from the elements with a 7h hardness permanent clear coating you treat just like your original finish. Then RestorFX Black or Gray Trim Restorer returns your plastic trim to a deep, solid color. Once your van has been restored ClearFX 10h Ceramic Coating can be applied to protect it from the elements and scratching and make cleaning a breeze.

RestorFX Jacksonville has a “Big Shiny Van” service that handles all of this and even includes headlight restoration if needed. With all that goes into the restoration they currently can only restore and protect one van per week until they can find a larger facility. If you’d like to have your van restored and protected they are taking appointments starting November 27. They recommend setting up appointments asap as each van takes their entire team a week to restore and they need to make sure they don’t double book.

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