Paintless Dent Repair in Atlantic Beach, Florida

Atlantic Beach is a beautiful city in the Sunshine State where residents often drive out to the peaceful sandy beach to soak up the sun. In our modern world of busy lives, this type of downtime is more important than ever. This is why when it comes to dent repairs on cars, people often delay repairs to avoid losing their cars to the repair shop for long periods of time.

Many people opt out of an immediate dent repair thinking it is just a dent and they would rather save the time and money required to fix it immediately. They think it is just a dent that does not look so bad and they often wait till they have enough dents to warrant a 4-6 day car drop at the repair shop. This is wrong because an old dent on your car can be damaging in more than one way, it can:

  • Crack the paint over time and cause water to seep in and introduce rust to the body.
    Reduce the resale value of your car.
  • Waiting to pile up dents to save time and thinking it is alright is an outdated way of thinking about dent repairs. You need fast and quality repairs on your dents as soon as they happen. A Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, can give you exactly that and the much deserved convenience and downtime you seek from your busy lives.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

PDR uses non-invasive and modern techniques to repair dents, dings and creases. Here is the step-by-step PDR process:

  1. The car is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt particles.
  2. A skilled technician puts your car under UV light to identify the areas that need repair.
  3. The technician will then repair the damage using a glue slab or by massaging the dents from the back of the body.

This PDR process may seem simple but it employs the most advanced and detailed techniques to repair dents that are available today. PDR is also much better than traditional dent repairs.

Benefits of PDR Over Traditional Dent Repairs

Opting for a PDR has numerous benefits over traditional dent repairs, these include, but are not limited to:

Saving Time

With PDR, you do not have to leave your car at the repair shop. Instead, you can get your dent repaired and leave with your car just after a few hours on the same day if the damage is not severe. This is because PDR takes less time on each dent and there is no repainting involved which is the main reason traditional dent repair requires you to leave the car to get the repaired parts repainted and dried over a few days.

Saving Money

Because there are no extra costs of fillers or repainting your car, PDR is very cost effective and can save you a lot of money per repair compared to traditional dent repairs. Apart from this, PDR helps maintain your car’s resale value.

Saving Your Original Paint Coat

This is an excellent reason to get PDR over traditional repair. With PDR, you can restore your car back to its original shape without having to remove or repaint the original paint from the manufacturer, which is important if you want to maintain your car’s originality and resale value. This is why PDR is an excellent modern day solution that will save you time and money on dent repairs. If you are looking for a Paintless Dent Repair for your car near Atlantic Beach, Florida, contact Appearance 1st Automotive. You can also get a quote by calling 1-904-664-9088 or, visit our website for more information on PDR.

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