Paintless Dent Repair for your Leased Car

dent repair on leased cars

As much as we would want to protect the body of our car from wear and tear, dents and dings are sometimes unavoidable. Damage to the car’s body can happen unexpectedly, and the hassle is something that we all do not want to deal with, especially if it is on a leased car. 

An autobody shop repair can take days at times to complete repairs and the mere thought of getting one can be stressful. Not only are you investing a lot of money to have the damage repaired, it can also take days before you get your leased car back. 

How Does Traditional Repair Work?

The traditional repair at an autobody shop can include drilling holes around the dent and then filling the dent with body fillers. Sometimes, it can also include repainting over the dent/ding. When any vehicle is shipped from the factory, it has a protective coating over the paint that can stop it from getting damaged on the road. This damage can be sustained from a hailstorm, from a shopping cart, or a golf ball. 

When you choose to have your car fixed at an autobody, your car can lose that protective coating. While returning your leased car to the dealership with dents/dings, sometimes it will cost you more money as they tend to opt for an autobody shop repair. Therefore, it will save you more money if you end up getting it fixed through the paintless dent repair method instead.

Getting Dents Fixed Before Returning It

When you’re at the end of your leased car agreement and getting ready to have it returned to the dealership, it’s important to consider how they’re going to evaluate your car completely. A complete evaluation means that they’ll catch every fault, and a dent can cost you extra on your return. However, getting your car repaired before it is returned can help you save money!

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

A paintless dent repair is a modern way of repairing a dent. Unlike an autobody shop repair that takes away the protective coating from the top of your car, a PDR does not. When you opt for a PDR, a technician first inspects your car under a UV bulb. This is done so they can understand which part of your car needs a repair. 

Once they’ve examined the body of your car, they remove the dent by massaging it slightly from the back until the dent is removed. Because the tool the dent repair specialist uses never comes in contact with the dent, the protective coating on your car is never compromised. Additionally, since the PDR process is shorter and a lot simpler than an autobody shop repair, most technicians can get done with the repair in a day. 

If your car has sustained damage in Jacksonville, Florida that is repairable by PDR don’t hesitate to call us for a repair. Our expert certified technicians at Appearance 1st Automotive can repair your car the same day damage is done to your car! 

Getting dents fixed as soon as possible, especially before your leased car return date, is important to keep the value of the car.

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