How to Choose the Right PDR Company

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If you’re looking for a paintless dent repair team in Jacksonville, Florida – you’re in luck! Appearance 1st Automotive is an expert in paintless dent repair, and our certified professionals have been repairing dents and dings for a very long time! But the right question in a situation like this would be –are we the right pick for the job? 

In the spirit of self-accountability, we’re here to tell you the crucial questions you should be asking when you’re choosing a PDR company in Jacksonville, Florida. The truth is – not many individuals are cut out for the job. Even though many claim to be experts – they only leave you feeling disappointed when your car comes back to you looking worse. 

There are a few warning signs that can give away whether a shop is worth your time or ignorance. So keep your eyes peeled the next time you go for a paintless dent repair. 

The Cost

On an average dent repair, PDR is a simple process. It doesn’t cost the customer much at Appearance 1st Automotive, and if you have car insurance, it can be covered. But unlike Appearance 1st Automotive, many other repair shops in Jacksonville charge hefty amounts for a simple PDR repair process. If they are charging you a lot, try asking them why the cost is high. 

If they claim that they are using body fillers or paint to repair the dent – it’s not PDR. The PDR process is simple, as it only requires a massage at the back of the dent. 

The Duration of the Repairs

If it’s a usual dent or a ding that doesn’t look too serious, you can have your car back on the same day at Appearance 1st Automotive. But other technicians seem to take more time for the repairs because:

  • They’re not truly repairing your car with PDR
  • They’re being lazy about the repair

Although, sometimes haggling with insurance companies can take a lot of time, too. You might have to persuade them to give you the best PDR deal, and all of this might increase the time of the repair significantly. A shop can also demand extra time for the repair if they are planning to outsource your repair – so this might not be the best shop for you. 

Reviews By Customer

Every expert PDR technician has customer reviews on their website which can easily tell potential customers that they are the right person for the job. This is one of the easiest ways you can trust the PDR technician. But unlike Appearance 1st Automotive (who have a testimonials section on their website), if the PDR technician can’t show you any reviews – its possible because they don’t have any good ones. This is also one of the biggest red flags you can find. Try not to trust this shop.

The Bottom Line

Appearance 1st Automotive is your number 1 choice for PDR in Jacksonville, Florida. To get the dents and dings fixed on your vehicle, call us now or get a free estimate

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