Hail Repair

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Got Hail Damage?

Has your car been damaged by the recent hail storm? We can help! We specialize in HAIL damage repairs. Don’t go to a body shop, go to a hail repair specialist. 

Your Insurance Will Not Increase!

We will make sure your insurance will not increase. If you have full-coverage, your repairs are covered and your insurance rates will not increase.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

We make the process easy. We will work with your insurance company on your behalf. We will make sure you receive a fair assessment so 100% of the repair is covered.
PDR on hail damaged car

Quality Is Key!

Did you know when you get your hail damaged vehicle repaired, the repair center is not replacing your hood, roof, or door with a brand new piece.

What they are doing is massaging the metal or aluminum back to its original shape/condition. Therefore it is extremely important to select a high skill technicians or “artist” to do the repair.
Years Of Experience
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With over 15 years of Paintless Dent Repair experience we are capable of repairing nearly any kind of dent your vehicle may have.

Meet Ian Lamb - "The PDRtist"

With over 15 years of Paintless Dent Repair and automotive reconditioning experience, you are in good hands when it comes to dent Repair, hail repair, ceramic coating, RestorFX Restorative Paint Correction, and headlight restoration.

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