Dent Removal in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

One of the best ways you can get the dents and dings removed from the body of your car is a paintless dent repair. It’s convenient and it will not require too much of your time. The traditional way of repairing the dents on your vehicle is now outdated, and that is exactly why the modern way of repairing dents can offer several advantages that the conventional method can’t.   

However, this need for a new method of repairing dents has been necessary since forever. The technology around us has changed drastically and the world is now moving at a blistering pace. Movies can be downloaded in seconds and packages can be delivered in a single day. In a world like this, who would want to wait 4 days for a dent repair? 

We continued setting high standards for everything around us, and we were then introduced to the wonders of PDR. Because of PDR, dents and dings can be repaired easily.   

But is PDR worth your time?

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair is the modern way of repairing dents. Compared to traditional method, the PDR way has several advantages for your car that can make it a more feasible option than the conventional method. When your car goes for a paintless dent repair, the PDR technician starts by cleaning your car completely. 

Once the surface of your car is clean, the technician looks at your car under a UV light to inspect for areas that require a dent repair. After this process, he can either repair the dent by a glue slab or by massaging the dents from the back of the body. 

Although this process seems simple, it can prolong the life of your car by several years! 

What Can Be Repaired By PDR?

PDR can hold several advantages for your car’s body, but there are some dents that can be repaired by PDR, while others can’t be fixed. 

  • Circular Dent

Your vehicle can get a circular dent when it is parked out in the open. These dents can happen because of a baseball, football, or hail damage. Luckily for you, this dent can be easily repaired by PDR.

  • Crease Dents

For a very long time, crease dents were considered to be serious damage since these dents weren’t repairable by PDR. However, in recent times, PDR technology has made major strides and now these dents can be easily repaired by PDR. 

With that said, if the metal of your car has torn or if your car’s body has a hole, then getting a PDR might not be the best option. 

If your car has received a dent or a ding and you’re trying to figure if you’re a candidate for PDR in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Appearance 1st Automotive can help your cause. Contact us today for more information.

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