Can Paintless Dent Repair Fix It?

PDR on car

Even the smallest dent or ding in your car’s body can ruin its appearance. Dents not only make your car look ugly, but they also lower the resale value of your car. But realistically, not getting any dent on your vehicle in Jacksonville, Florida, is an unlikely scenario. Unless you wrap your car in bubble wrap and never drive it, dents will happen. 

Random objects, hail, or auto collisions cause all kinds of damage to vehicles every year. Getting a dent repaired in the traditional way can be costly if a dent repair is a frequent occurrence. So what can be the solution?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an economical and environmentally friendly way of repairing a dent. Compared to a traditional dent repair, a PDR is much less time-consuming and a lot more affordable. Getting a dent removed with PDR can have several advantages, some of those are:

Protects the Body Of Your Car

When you buy a new car from a showroom, it comes with a protective coating from the factory over the paint. This protective coating keeps the paint from feeling off and protects the structural integrity of your car. When you get a traditional dent repair, the technician uses fillers, which destroy this coating. This can be bad for your car’s body in the long run. 

However, when you get a PDR, the coating isn’t compromised. The technician massaged the dent from the back, and the dent is removed without using any additional fluid. 

It’s Quick!

Depending on the dent or ding your car has, the PDR process can be relatively quick. Most of the cars that come into the shop can leave the same day. We understand how important it is to have your car with you at all times in Jacksonville, Florida. That is why our expert technicians make sure every repair is done at the earliest. 

But with that being said, it is also worth noting that not every dent can be fixed with PDR. 

What Can PDR Fix?

Round Dent

A hail storm, football, basketball, or baseball often causes these dents. When these objects collide with the body of your car with force, a dent can form. Since this isn’t serious damage, a PDR can fix this dent in no time. 

Car Dings

These types of dings occur when your car is parked in a parking lot or from objects flying on a typical windy day. Most of the damage caused by these situations is relatively easy to repair, even if it’s a scratch, crack, or chip in the paint. A PDR can preserve the value of your car. People often expect used cars to have dents or scratches, but if your car looks new, it can sell for a good price. 


This dent can typically be more time-consuming. While it can stretch the metal of your car, it can still be repaired with PDR. 

If your car has received any of the damages that we’ve listed, do not hesitate to call Appearance 1st Automotive! We can also give you a free estimate for your repair needs. Call or text us at 904-664-9088.

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