Nissan Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

When your Nissan has a dent, you want the issue repaired as quickly as possible. Not only are dents unsightly, but they also lower the value of your car or truck. Whether you have a Nissan Versa, Murano, Pathfinder or other vehicle, we can provide quality paintless dent repair and removal services. With our quality paintless dent removal specialists, dents are removed as quickly as possible.

At Appearance 1st Automotive in Jacksonville, Florida, we make paintless dent removal easy and affordable. Our team gets to work for you, finding the dents and ensuring that PDR is the best course of action for your Nissan Armada or Versa. Let us get the body of your vehicle back in shape with quality dent removal services.

Performing PDR

If you are unfamiliar with paintless dent removal, it is quite an interesting process. Our certified technicians in Jacksonville are well versed in dealing with dents of all sizes, equipped with quality tools and skills to get your Nissan in tip-top shape. In performing this service, we must first analyze the dent within your vehicle. We need to know where the dent is located and the extent of the damage. Once we know this, we can determine the type of removal processed needed.

We use specialized lighting to see the intricacies of the dent, helping to provide the best repair service for your Nissan. Next, the process requires pushing the underside of the metal. This may require special tools to access the area of the dent. We may need to remove door panels or lining to reach the backside of the dent. We do this carefully and methodically so that your car or truck is well taken care of.

The dent is then slowly pushed outwards so that the body shape of your car is back to normal. The metal is stretched to its original position. This process may be quick or take several repetitions to flatten out the dent.

Is Paintless Dent Repair Covered by Insurance Companies?

When you have a repair need, in some cases, it may be covered by your automobile insurance company. Coverage can include paintless dent repair, though it does depend on the company you use. Several factors may be involved in coverage, such as how the dent occurred and the depth of the repair. Consult with your insurance company to see if you have this coverage before any damage takes place. If you have the option to add it at an affordable rate, it is recommended to cover dent repairs.

At Appearance 1st Automotive , we are here for you. We focus on offering quality PDR to our community so that car and truck owners have access to the best options for dent repair and removal. Whether you have been in a car accident or have dents due to hail or other natural events, we can help. Our team of automotive experts are well-versed in dent repair and look forward to assisting with service options.

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