Lexus Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

When you own a Lexus, you take pride in your vehicle. You have it serviced as needed and take it through the car wash regularly to keep it pristine. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your Lexus, it can still be subject to damage. You may be involved in a wreck or have your car door dinged on a store parking lot. You may also have dents caused by hail damage. If you have dents in your Lexus LC, we can help. At Appearance 1st Automotive
, we have years of experience in removing dents, offering the best PDR services in the region.


Repairing Your Vehicle

Once your vehicle is damaged, it needs to be repaired. When any type of damage occurs, even small dents, it decreases the value of your Lexus. Whether you have a Lexus GS or Lexus NX, the investment you have is affected. With our PDR services, the dent is repaired, and you maintain the value of your vehicle.

Maintaining the value of your car is a must, especially if you plan on upgrading in the future. Having dents repaired ensures you have value in your car so that you get the most when selling or trading it in. When you notice a dent on your Lexus, let our team of experts have a look. We can quickly determine if paintless dent repair is an option.

In 80 to 90 of dents on a vehicle, the paintless dent repair technique works. To determine if this is an option, we must first review the dent and where it is located. With this process, the backside of the dent must be accessed. This can require removing a panel or other part of your vehicle. Once you get to the back of the dent, we can then apply gentle pressure to push the metal back to its original position.

Our team has vast experience in using PDR and know how to apply the technique to every type of vehicle. Not matter what model Lexus you have; we can help restore the exterior to its former state. We take great pride in providing our clients with a quality service and a beautiful repair job every time.


Are PDR Services Quick and Affordable?

Yes! At Appearance 1st Automotive , we have provided this type of service for many years, so we have the experience and know-how to get the job done quickly. 

This type of dent repair is actually the more affordable option and can be covered by your insurance. Most people avoid having dents repaired due to fear of a high repair cost. At Appearance 1st Automotive , we make sure to provide affordable service options so you can have your Lexus repaired as soon as you notice the dent.

If you have dents on your vehicle, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are happy to review the damage and provide a quality plan to restore the exterior of your Lexus. Give Appearance 1st Automotive a call today at 904-478-0321 for a free quote.

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