Harley Davidson Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

Harley Davidson motorcycles are iconic. It is the most recognized motorcycle brand and owners of one have a lot of pride in their ride.  They make sure that they take good care of this beauty.  So when their Harley has been scratched or dented due to unforeseen objects on the road, it is frustrating! Even downright painful! But don’t stress, the cost of repairing it isn’t as expensive as you think it would be and the process of removing the dent through paintless dent repair doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or repainting, which is why it’s called “paintless.”

Paintless Dent Repair on a Harley Davidson

Paintless dent repair also known as paintless dent removal,  or PDR, is the modern dent restoration process that takes less time and costs less money than taking your Harley to a traditional repair shop. It is the most effective way of removing dings or dents from your motorcycle or car. Unlike traditional dent repair, PDR is a lot simpler and less invasive.  

To remove dents from your motorcycle using the PDR method, the certified technician will deploy several techniques such as glue pulling or massaging the dented panel with special tools to get the dents out. These PDR tools help the technicians get behind the dent, to massage and work the dent out. After this process is done, the work is completed and the panel where the dent was located looks like it was never damaged at all.  There is no need to sand, add fillers or repaint the dented part which makes its environmentally friendly. 

In order for Appearance 1st Automotive Dent Repair technicians to prepare for a paintless dent removal procedure, there are several steps that they follow to be successful. 

  • First, they must access the damaged area of the motorcycle to see if it can be repaired with PDR 
  • Second, they carefully remove the dented body part with special PDR tools without additional damage 
  • Lastly, the technicians applies pressure on the panel to force the dent out of panel or massages it out
PDR Won’t Work On Every Dent

Even though the dent repair specialists at Appearance 1st Automotive Dent Repair would love to fix every dent and ding on your motorcycle with the paintless dent repair method, not all damages can be repaired this way. Sharper or deeper creases and scratches may have to be referred to an auto body shop for repair instead.

Luckily for you, Appearance 1st Automotive Dent Repair can fix dents on different Harley models like:

  1. Countryman,
  2. Clubman,
  3. Convertible,
  4. Five-door hatch,
  5. Electric and
  6. Hybrid  

If you’re wondering if your Harley is a good candidate for PDR, contact us today for more information or to get a free quote! 

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