Dodge Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

Taking your car to the shop can be a hassle in nearly every aspect. You’re likely going to be waiting behind someone else (and at times could be stuck in the waiting room for hours, as you have no other means of transportation), and you know the cost is going to generally be high. If you have a dented or dinged up car and you’d like to opt for dent removal services, paintless dent repair (PDR) is the way to go.

At Appearance 1st Automotive in Jacksonville, Florida, we service all kinds of Dodge vehicles, including Chargers, Challengers, Durangos, Journeys, and Grand Caravans. Our dent repair and removal services are extremely popular due to the fact that they’re quick and affordable! 

Appearance 1st Automotive dent repair is a one-stop-shop where we treat your car with the highest quality of service in the industry. Our technicians live to serve you through our work ethics, and our automotive expertise, both of which stand out from the rest. Our certified dent repair technicians provide all cars with the overall dent removal performance they truly need.

The PDR process is eco-friendly and repairs your unsightly dents with ease. The process takes both art and science into the equation, as our technicians use metal rods in order to massage your car and return it to factory-like condition. Moreover, no ding is too big or too small, as our expert technicians can fix them all. From the smallest dings to the largest dents, you can anticipate a full aesthetic restoration to your vehicle.

What makes paintless dent repair services popular? It relates to the fact that you don’t have to give your car up for too long to have it fixed. Many car shops hold your car for a day or two when your car when it is being repaired. While this is often necessary for more complex jobs, dent repair should not be such a commitment. That’s the beauty of paintless dent repair services: they’re quick. Special tools are utilized to carefully massage the exterior back into its original position, which may take a few hours (especially considering that some dents are more difficult to reach than others). However, a few hours is all it should take.

Depending on a dent’s severity and whether or not it is immediately accessible, the paintless dent repair process is usually completed with same-day service, and the results are often incredible. For a non-invasive process, you will really be blown away by how great the work looks. The non-invasive nature of paintless dent repair is why the process can usually be completed in the same day, so long as you have an appointment. If you need dent repair for your car that is affordable and efficient, call Appearance 1st Automotive at 904-478-0321 for a free quote.

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