BMW Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

When you own a BMW, you want the best of the best when it comes to taking care of the vehicle. Whether you have a 3 series or Z4, you want it to be in pristine shape. One way to do that is to find the right company for your paintless dent repair services.It is critical that when you’ve suffered a dent in the vehicle, you get it fixed right away. Allowing a dent or ding to hang around too long can interfere with the value of the vehicle itself. Here’s a look at how our company here at Appearance 1st Automotive. can help you. 

Paintless Dent Removal Process

Removing a dent used to mean a long time in the shop and having to have a paint job at the same time. Gone are the days that included your BMW being down for a long time period. Our team here can get the dent out without extended time periods or larger costs to you. Here’s how the process works.

The certified technician finds an entry point to get behind the dent itself. Whether it is on the bumper, in the door, or on the hood, our technicians will find a point to get behind the metal itself. Once behind the dent, we work to mold the metal back into its original state. It will look like it did when it came from the factory. The process works to seamlessly restore your 1 series or your X4 back to what it looked like when it rolled off the showroom.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies on the size of the dent and type of vehicle. However, when it comes to paintless dent repair services, you’ll find it is much lower compared to previous repair costs. In the past, dent repair and removal would include a paint job as well. It was very time consuming because it had to be perfect to not be noticeable when it was finished. With PDR, you can rest assured everything will look just as it did before you received the dent.

Will Insurance Cover It?

In most cases, absolutely yes. It will be covered by your insurance company. You’ll find a lot of insurance companies choose this over the other types of dent repair services due to the lower cost and retaining its value.

Benefits of PDR

There are many benefits to using this process over traditional repair means. First, you’ll find that this helps your car retain its value. The factory paint job is critical in keeping the value of your BMW in it’s top category. If you have a dent, repairs with paintless dent repair services helps to keep the factory paint intact. Second, the time to repair the car is diminished from a normal repair. Third, you’ll see that it is seamless when it comes to repairing the dent. You’ll never even know it was there. 

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