Before and After- DIY Dent Repair Kit vs Paintless Dent Repair for BMW

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For some people taking their vehicle to an auto body shop might be a struggle, especially when the thing wrong is an insignificant dent. For such people, DIY dent repair kits are a lifesaver. While for others, who don’t want to risk the look of their bimmer, prefer the assistance of a professional.

But of course, some of you can do it at home.

DIY dent repairing kits are designed to provide you with the tools and directions needed to pull out minor dents at home. The problem is that things do not always turn out the way you anticipate.

Let’s take a look at whether DIY repairing kits are worth it or is it better to stick with the professionals.

Pro’s of a DIY Repairing Kit

Save Money
Repairing minor dents can save you money and are light on the pocket as compared to professional repair options. 

Have Control
When you are fixing the problem at home, you have complete control over the repair process and can make any alterations you require.

Availability of Vehicle
The biggest advantage of DIY repair kits is that you don’t have to be without your vehicle as the repair is done from home. 

Cons of a DIY Repairing Kit

Time Consuming
DIY repair kits are not suitable for you if you already have a very busy schedule. Because this process requires a significant chunk of your time.

Unprofessional Repair
If you don’t have any previous experience or the required skills to make fix a ding, then the repair may turn up ugly and look unprofessional. 

Worsen the Damage
If you are an amateur at dent repairing, then most likely aggravate the existing damage. This might cost you a higher price than the repair of the original dent. 

Why Hire a Professional for Dent Repair? 

It might seem a hassle to spend money on a small dent, but if you don’t get that ding just right, it might end up costing your BMW more damage and money. Therefore, taking your bimmer to a professional can actually help you to save time and money. A professional knows what they are doing and will ensure to make immaculate repairs. 

Apart from this, professionals provide you with non-intrusive dent repairing procedures like the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) that ensures the original factory paint of the vehicle is sustained. 

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